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Equipment Rental Company in Duluth, MN is ready to meet your requirements for dependable utility, construction and contractor equipment throughout the Upper Midwest, with Nationwide availability of our Bridge Inspection Trucks.

We are committed to ensuring our customers receive the best service possible! When you are looking to buy, rent or lease new or used equipment you can count on, contact Equipment Rental Company.


Tools & Accessories.

Custom Fabrications.
Your Project Done Right


We maintain a large inventory of truck and track mounted equipment to get your project done right, and on time.
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Bucket Truck, Boom Truck, Crane Truck, Digger Derrick, Pressure Digger and Track Vehicle.

Bridge Inspection Truck, Snooper Truck, Underbridge and Sidebridge.

Commercial Truck, Flatbed Truck, Dump Truck, Contractor/Mechanic Truck, 1-Ton Truck, Van Body and Liftgate.
Experienced and certified operators are available to provide quality results at each job site.
Experienced and certified operators are available to provide quality results at each job site.
Quality Product Selection


Over 30 years in providing customers with new and used equipment. Quality product selection, coupled with skilled installation, thoughtful planning, and attention to detail are hallmarks of our company's efforts to make certain we satisfy budget, longevity, and ergonomic concerns of end users.
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Knowleedgeable Team of Technicians


We specialize in Service & Repair of utility and construction equipment. Our team of knowledgeable technicians paired with fully equipped facilities, allw us the ability to service product lines from A to Z. If it lifts, lowers, pushes, pulls, rotates, runs, or drives, we can help with a solution.

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Full Equipment Refurbishing available! Do you have equipment that has served you well and fits your applications?

Consider refurbishment of that equipment to provide additional years of service. We can work together to add value to your bottom line!

Your Vehicle, Your Way

Custom Fabrications.

At Equipment Rental Company we work with customers who are interested in building their own vehicle with their own specs. This ensures long years of reliable work out of the vehicle that was built with you and your needs in mind.
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Ready to be put to the task

Tools & Accessories.

We are a factory authorized distributor for a wide variety of manufacturers. View Product Manufacturers

We strive to maintain a vast array of tools, accessories, and equipment in stock to help get your projects started on time, and keep going until the job is finished. From the ground up, we've got you covered!

Outlined below are some of the industry essentials we are able to provide Contact us today


Crimpers: Battery Actuated 3.2 to 15 Ton. Low Pressure, Self-Contained, and Remote Hydraulic 6 to 60 Ton. Hand Tool Mechanical or Ratcheting.
Cutters: Battery Actuated. Low Pressure, Self-Contained, and Remote Hydraulic. Hand Tool Mechanical or Ratcheting.
Head Configurations: C-Shape, Latching, Dieless, Scissor, Inline, Long Reach and more.
Dies: Crimping Cu/Al; "U" and "W". (Sold individually, or various kits available.) Cutting Cu/AL, ACSR, Ground Rod, Rebar, Soft Bolts, and Guy Wires. Cases, Holders, and Testing Accessories.
Hotstick & WEJTAP.
Benders & Knockout Sets.
Electric & Gas Powered Hydraulic Pump Power Units.
Submersible & Trash Pumps.
Ground Rod Drivers, Sign Post Drivers, Sign Post Pullers, and Pole Pullers.
Breakers & Chipping Hammers. Various Bits and Driver Accessories.
Tampers & Dirt Compaction.
Impact Wrench: Low Pressure Hydraulic with Variable or Fixed Torque. Auger Bits, Sockets and Adapters.
Chainsaws: Long Reach, Overhead Circular, and Hand/Pistol Grip Saws.
Hoses, Quick Couplers, Valves and Adapters/Fittings.
Tool Storage Cases, Holsters, Scabbards, Trays, and Boom Mount Items.
Full line catalogs available.

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Site Equipment:

Above and Below Deck, we've got you covered.
Outrigger Pads in Composite, Aluminum and Treated Wood.
Ground Protection Mats.
Grounding Reel & Cable Assemblies.
Wheel Chocks.

Tool Repair:

We Repair Low Pressure Hydraulic Tools in-house.

Common wear parts are stocked.
Burndy Patriot battery tools are sent to factory repair, if required.
All high pressure (10,000 psi) hydraulic tools are sent to factory repair.

Auger & Anchor:

Multiple lines of Auger and Screw Anchor tooling available.

Auger Assemblies: Digger Derrick, Skid Steer and Construction Equipment.
Auger Parts: Hubs, Adapters, Boring Heads, Shankplates, Teeth, and Bits.
Kelly Bars: Solid 2, 2-1/2, and 2-5/8 inch Hex. Hollow for Dual Purpose Screw Anchor Installation.
Screw Anchor: Locking Dogs, Drive Bars, Kelly Bar Adapters and Repair Parts.
Wind-Up Stow Cables, Ropes and Straps.

Bucket & Jib:

Replacement Buckets, Insulated Liners, and Accessories available.

Buckets: Aftermarket and Factory Replacement Buckets. Covers, Floor Mats and Access Steps.
Insulated Bucket Liners.
Material Handling: Wire Holders & Jib Attachments. Lifting Ropes, Hooks and Rigging.
Safety & Operation Decals.